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Starsession Nita small mini nonude girl poses for her daddy


2 thoughts on “Starsession Nita small mini nonude girl poses for her daddy

  1. Please list the year, or better, the exact date an item was made. This is not the same as the date the item was added to your website.
    Please note if the model is physically related to the photographer or any technician. Are the parents of the model present? If there are more than one model are they related? Does the model have a sibling who is also modeling? Please give each model a unique name. If you can give the date the photography took place and the birthdate of the model I can figure out her age. Otherwise, please give her age in years and months. Please give her height, weight and measurements. Videos should have the highest resolution possible and we should be able to hear the people talking. I do not know why videos are silent or have background music. The video should show the whole modeling session.
    I would like to see two, three or four models together. Please show boys and girls.
    Possibly you should make your own costumes from cloth or paper held by tape or glue or use opaque tape.
    Is is necessary for the models to have tops; some non-nude models are topless. Bottoms should show everything in back and cover little in front. Some non-nude models are dressed this way. I do not know why some models wear much less than other models. Please add material showing adult nudists.
    I would like any comments you might wish to send to my website.

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